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Post Officies The Kensington Post Office operated as the post office and general store located at the corner of Minnesota and Cherry Avenues beginning operations in 1894. After January 1895, this Post Office was called Willowglen (all one word),…
Lulu and Howard M. Buffington, Police and Fire Chief, City of Willow Glen. Representative of residences that once lined Lincoln Avenue.
The first Willow Glen School was built at Malone Road and Lincoln Avenue on land donated during the Civil War by a local farmer, Royal Cottle (near Roycott Avenue). In 1897, with Willow Glen growing in population, a new school, superseding its pre…
Verified Rider of the Pony Express 1860-1861
The Bascoms arrived in San Jose in 1849. Their residence and boarding house, Slapjack Hall, was a center of activity and grandma sewed the famous blue tent used as both a school and first protestant church. Dr. Bascom practiced medicine but prefer…
Surveyor of Yerba Buena - 1839
Born in Pennsylvania, died in San JoseDec. 8, 1850A leader of the Stephens-Townsend-MurphyParty of 1844First American M.D. to settle in CaliforniaServed as physician, alcalde, and councilman in San Francisco before moving to a farm north of San Jo…
He led the forlorn hope of the Donner Party.Dedicated Memorial Day, 1946
Born: Mission Santa Clara, February 12, 1847Died: Saratoga, April 1, 1865First child born to Anglo-American overland emigrants in Santa Clara County.
Most colorful of all characters in Santa Cruz Mountains. First white settler in Santa Cruz Mountain section, a pioneer hunter, rancher, teamster and road-builder.His motto was "Right Wrongs Nobody."