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Indian Days Most of the Indian activity of the Central California Ohlone Tribe took place in the canyon or valley to the north, Waddell Creek. which runs east and west and has a greater beach area. Some evidence such as shell piles and grindi…
In 1998, the Swanton Pacific Railroad was blessed by Mother Nature. The high water floods caused by the El NiƱo weather phenomenon washed away about 200 feet of creek bank along Scotts Creek. The SPRR main line runs about one mile along the norma…
The third hydroelectric power plant in California, built by Fred Swanton, local promoter and founder of the Santa Cruz Boardwalk, began operations on this site March of 1896. In the plant's final configuration, water from Big Creek, Boyer Creek…
Built in 1914, the entire structure is made of Santa Cruz Portland Cement from the nearby Davenport Cement Plant. During its history, the two-cell jail saw little use in this peaceful community. It once held two boys from San Mateo while they t…
Near this spot, October 20-23, 1769Don Gaspar de Portol?And his land expedition, seeking Monterey Bay, camped for three days to rest those sick. Because of their rapid recovery, Father Crespi named the valleyCa?ada de la SaludOn December 10, 1774 …
The Ocean Shore Railway was Incorporated in May of 1905 to build a "road" along the coast from San Francisco to Santa Cruz via Half Moon Bay under the leadership of A.D. Bowen, J.D. Harvey, J.A. Folger, P.D. Martin, and others.A 26 mile section be…
Dances, early motion pictures, and social affairs took place in the hall. The building played a significant role as a gathering place for Davenport's first residents.
Constructed of concreteby local workersSanta Cruz Historical Trust Landmark