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Erected to the Memory of the Unknown Dead 1861 - 1865 G.A.R.
This Classical Revival residence is a exceptional local example of mid-19th century architecture. It was built in 1869 for Rear-Admiral Thomas Tingey Craven, former Commandant of Mare Island Naval Shipyard. The house was purchased in 1977 by Arvel…
This clock was built by E. Howard of Boston in 1914. It was originally located in front of Burnett Brothers Jewelry Store on Market Street, San Francisco The clock became nationally known after the San Francisco Preparedness Day Parade on July 2…
Built in 1911 it was to be "...one of the prettiest small theaters on the coast". Admission to vaudeville acts was 10¢ to 30¢. The theater underwent frequent name changes, including The Fox Senator. By the 1920s musical comedies and eventually t…
This Gothic style Church was dedicated on June 28, 1898.
Built in 1902 by George J. Herbert, given by the family to the Solano County Historical Society in 1961, and further restored in 1969 by the Artists League of Vallejo for the cultural benefit of the public.
In 1903, industrialist Andrew Carnegie offered $20,000 to erect a new public library in Vallejo. The donation was made with the provision that the city provide $2,000 each year for its operation. Dedicated on July 4, 1904, the library was located …
This Classical Revival House was built in 1921 for Miss Elsa Widenmann, a long time civic leader, and her mother, the widow of Charles Widenmann. The carriage house, earlier part of the John Frisbie estate, the barn and the house site are a portio…
This Carpenter Gothic farmhouse was built in 1869 by J.E. Abbott. It was purchased in 1872 by Charles Widenmann, brewer, and remained the family home for over 70 years. The Napa River Craftsman style stone was added when Virginia Street was graded.
On August 19, 1855, the first Catholic Church in Vallejo was dedicated on this site.