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In Commemoration of John DenverHenry John Deutschendorf, Jr.Dedicated September 23, 2007at the site of crash of John's plane, Long EZ N555JD "... So welcome the wind and the wisdom she offers, Follow her summons when she calls again,In your hea…
The Monterey Bay Aquarium stands on the site of the old Hovden Cannery. In its heyday, the cannery processed tons of sardines every day. But by the 1960s the sardines had disappeared, and the cannery closed its doors in 1972. Now you can see sh…
The building across the cove is Hopkins Marine Station. It was the first marine laboratory on the West Coast, founded in 1892. Part of Stanford University, its facilities are dedicated to the study of marine life. What biologists at Hopkins lea…
Last member ofLucius Fairchild PostG.A.R. 179
These boats were first introduced here at Lovers Point in the early 1890s. Launched from the narrow cove's wooden pier, the boats offered passengers a canopied window to the underwater flora and fauna around Lovers Point. Nathaniel Roscoe "Dad"…