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Lt. Colonel Juan Bautista De Anza by decree of Carlos III of Spain. Led an expedition to this site the mission being to colonize the San Francisco Bay Area. De Anza Expedition 1775 - 1776
On December 10, 1769, the Portola Crespi Expedition from Mexico erected a cross on this hill to signal its long-overdue supply ship San Jose. A message at the cross stated that they were suffering great privation and were returning to San Diego. T…
Jun?pero SerraSerra played a decisive role in the European settlement of the New World. He was born Miquel Jos? Serra in Petra on the Mediterranean island of Mallorca on November 24, 1713. Though not an assuming figure and plagued by ill health mu…
HonoringFour Early Americans in CaliforniaThey came to this coast as seamen and remained as settlersBaptized in this MissionGeorge Mayo, of Plymouth, Mass., on 3 August, 1816Thomas W. Doak, of Boston, Mass., on 22 November, 1816Samuel Grover, of M…
On this very spot Fray Junipero Serraerected themission crossAugust 24, 1771
To the memory ofCarmel's Servicemenwhose blood was shedthat we might live John Arnn 1965Carlito L. Dorsey 1966Rudolph G. Antone 1967Frank DeAmaral Jr. 1967Robert C. L. Fergusson 1967Larry Larson 1967James Plowman 1967Peter W. Sherman 1967Gary W…
In memory of Carmel servicemenwho gave their lives during WW II Gordon Bain, RAF, 1942Carlyle Lewis, US Air Corps, 1942Billy B. Jenkins, US Navy, 1942Ted Leidig, USN Air Corps, 1943Earl P. Parkes, US Air Corps, 1943Peter D. Briggs, US Army, 194…
This memorialis dedicated to the men ofCarmel who responded totheir country's call duringWorld War I We Salute Them Restored and rededicatedNovember 11, 1977
Remember"The Forgotten War"KoreaJune 25, 1950 - July 27, 1953 To honor those brave Americanswho under trying circumstancesfought and gave their livesto defend their countryand the cause of freedom....may God bless them all.