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In memory of the tragedy ofPoint Pedernales / Honda Point8 September 1923 USS DelphyUSS S.P. LeeUSS YoungUSS WoodburyUSS NicholsUSS FullerUSS Chauncey Dedicated 8 September 1983by the American LegionWilliam Proud Post 211 Monument donated…
Mission La Concepcion Purisima de Maria Santisima (Mission of the Immaculate Conception of most Holy Mary) was founded by Father Presidente Fermn de Lasuen on Dec. 8, 1787 at what is now Locust Avenue and F Street. It was the eleventh of 21 Franci…
Planted in the 1930's, this magnificent stand of pines is a treasure in Lompoc's landscape. Rare and historic, these trees receive global recognition for their beauty.
In honor of our World War heroes
Historical Landmark No. 1
History of ... Chumash Indian Village—For many centuries prior to the arrival of the Spanish in the late 1700s, Santa Barbara County was home to a large Chumash Indian population. Valleys such as this one were often the site of Chumash vi…
The ruins at this site are part of the original Mission La Purisima, founded by Padre Fermin d Lasuen on December 8, 1787, as the 11th in the chain of Spanish missions in California. The mission was destroyed by earthquake on December 21, 1812; th…
Spudded September 26, 1905, and completed April 30, 1906, is the first oil well in which a water shut-off was attained by pumping cement through the tubing and behind the casing—forerunner of the modern cementing technique. It was drilled…
Established December 8, 1787, by Father Lasuen. Damaged by earthquake, 1812: removed from control of Franciscans, abandoned 1834. State and National Park Service restoring major and many small structures, and water system. Only example in Californ…
Across this bridge lies California's eleventh mission and a glimpse of life during the 1820's. The Civilian Conservation Corps restored the buildings and grounds between 1934 - 1941. We hope you enjoy your visit to the past.