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In memory of the men, women and children who were the pioneers of the Midway Sunset Oilfields, never to be forgotten. This cemetery was established November 1911 by William Brooks of the Taft Undertaking Company on land supplied by Stand…
The Jameson # 17 oil derrick, which was drilled in 1917 and produced until the 1980's, was scheduled to be torn down. In 1974 the local American Association of University Women and several dedicated people convinced Jameson Oil Company to donat…
Built of native adobe, The Fort is a replica of Sutter's Fort in Sacramento, originally it was built to accommodate county, state, and federal officers, as well as be utilized as a town hall. The Fort was dedicated on May 22, 1940.
Constructed on the basic plan of Sutter's original fort one hundred years after its erection in Sacramento by that distinguished pioneer Captain John Augustus Sutter. The building of this replica of one of the most outstanding landmarks to the ear…
As Taft's first 100 years is being celebrated in 2010, let's look back to see from where we came. Taft got its start when the railroad laid tracks to Taft and beyond. Siding Number Two was where it all started along the tracks in the vicinity of 2…