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Mary Kimberly Shirk, an advocate for women's education and acting president of Scripps College during World War II, made a gift of her home, Kimberly Crest, to the people of Redlands. The house, an excellent example of Chateauesque architecture de…
Albert K. Smiley, a leader of the city's library movement, donated this building and park to the citizens of Redlands in 1898. Through his generosity, Redlands was given one of California's few privately funded libraries of that era. In 1906, he a…
This branch of San Gabriel Mission was constructed about 1830 on the San Bernardino Rancho. During the 1840s, its buildings were used by Jos? del Carmen Lugo as part of his rancho grant. Later, after its sale to the Mormons, it was occupied by Bis…