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McDonnell Douglas F-4 Phantom was a multi-service aircraft, served as primary fighter with Air Force, Navy and Marine Corps during Vietnam era. Carrying a crew of two, Pilot and Weapon Systems Officer, it was capable of speeds in excess of Mach 2,…
The famous camel herd with which the name of Hi Jolly is linked constitutes an interesting sidelight of Arizona history....Jefferson Davis (afterward president of the Southern Confederacy), as Secretary of War, approved a plan to experiment with c…
Dug by hand around 1864 by a miner named Tyson. This 40-foot-deep well marked the spot around which grew the town of Quartzsite. Originally known as "Tyson's Well," "Tyson Wells," or "Tyson's Wells," the small community served as an important wate…
Last CampofHi JollyBorn somewhere in Syriaabout 1828Died at QuartzsiteDecember 16, 1902Came to this countryFebruary 10, 1856Camel Driver - PackerScout -Over ThirtyYears a faithful aidto the US Government
Established between 1899 & 1904. Existed until 1924. Overall dimensions 12' x 40', consisting of station and sleeping rooms. A breezeway separated rooms from main building.
This was a stage stop between Ehrenberg and Wickenburg and points east. Travelers in the 1870's and 80's made their first stop here on eastward journeys from the Colorado River. "No grass, but good water," an early desert guide indicated accommoda…