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In memory ofThe Oatman FamilySix members of this pioneer familymassacred by Indians in March 1851
Site ofOatmanMassacreFeb. 18, 1851
Camps Hyder & Horn were established 10 miles north of Dateland in the fall of 1943. They were 2 of 15 desert camps built to harden and train United States Troops for service in World War II. The Desert Training Center was a simulated theater of op…
Datelan Army Air Field was established here January 1, 1943. The site was chosen due to the availability of water and the adjacent location of the Yuma Gunnery Range. Construction was completed June 1, 1943. Datelan AAF was a sub-base of Yuma Army…
Here trainedFor VictoryUnderDesert Skies The81st Infantry DivisionThe Wildcats1943In MemoriamPrivatesRobert J VilellaPaul M. WestEarl S. SmithJames J. DeCarloLynn RamseyClyde B. SlaytonArden W. Bridges
On the morning of March 23, 1950, an Air Force B-50 Bomber on a routine training mission, exploded and crashed north of the communities of Dateland and Hyder AZ. Two of the 14 crewman on board, Capt. John H. Lee and 1st. Lt. William T. Gentry, man…