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Once the grounds of a naval hospital, this area of park is now home to four disc golf courses. In 1942, the US Government acquired this land to build a navy training station. Over the next four years 293,381 men went through their boot training …
A gold rush to Montana brought steamboat service to lake Pen d'Oreille in 1866, with its dock at Pen d'Oreille City 5 miles east of here on Buttonhook Bay. Traffic to British Columbia's Wild Horse mines also used this route. The trip provided …
In 1942, a large United States Naval training station, with facilities for 40,000 sailors, opened here. Then, from 1946 to 1949, it became Farragut College. When postwar college enrollments slacked off, Farragut State Park was developed here, wi…
"Placed in honor of 293,381 recruits and others who received seamanship training and served in the United States Navy protecting our freedom. As we play and refresh ourselves at FARRAGUT STATE PARK may we remember these people."