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Built about 1806 by Jacob Haring and purchased by Thomas Cadmus in 1816. He was a farmer who owned adjacent land and today the house is known by his name. There were many later owners and in the 1920s it became a commercial property. The two-room …
Attempted a mile long leap of the Snake River Canyon on Sept. 8, 1974 employing a unique skycycle. The large dirt ramp is visible approx. 2 miles east of this point on the south ridge of the canyon. Donated to the community by Sunset Memorial
Lower marker:The structure you now see spanning the Snake River Canyon was completed in July 1976 at a cost of $9,700,000. It is 1500 feet in length with the roadway approximately 480 feet above the Snake River. This arch structure replaced the tr…
I. B. Perrine was an early Twin Falls settler and developer who made his home — Blue Lakes Ranch — in the Snake River Canyon. His vision, planning and dedication led to Twin Falls growth from a desert outpost to a flourishing city.
4 miles east of here, the Snake River falls in thunder 210 feet over a rocky ledge higher than famous Niagara. Indians, trappers, and travellers all knew the "Great Shoshonie." Now the waters upstream have been harnessed for irrigation and powe…
In 1964, Twin Falls County voters established a community college, and Jerome County soon voted to join their college district. Started in 1965 as part of a state and national effort to expand local educational opportunity, College of Southern …
Owned and operated by Idaho Power, the Shoshone Falls Hydroelectric Project located on the Snake River, is licensed by the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission as Project No. 2778. The reservoir provides recreation opportunities for boating, fi…