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First Settler inTravis County. Surveyor withStephen F. Austin's LittleColony.He surveyed the site of thissettlement in 1830.In July 1832 with his familyhe established his homeat this place, since calledHornsby's Bend
To John Williams and Howell Gaggett. Killed by Indians in May, 1836 while detailed from Captain John J. Tumlinson's company of Rangers to help protect the families of the Hornsby's settlement on returning from the "Run Away Scrape". To William …
Among the Swedish immigrants who settled in Decker in the 1880s were many seeking freedom from the Swedish State Church. The immigrants held meetings in homes and schoolhouses, and organized the Decker Swedish Evangelical Free Church. Joseph Ek Jo…
First settlers in this area on Decker Creek were Swedish immigrants, who attended church in Austin from 1867 to 1870s. Beginning in 1871, the Rev. C.C. Charnquist of Austin preached in homes. With advent of more settlers, a church was erected a…