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The town of Evant traces its history to an earlier settlement in this area. Langford Cove, founded in 1855 by Asa Langford (1820-1907), was located adjacent to and partly within the south boundary of the present town of Evant. A United States post…
Organized by Rev. Joe Price between 1874 and 1876 in Langford's Cove community (later renamed Evant), the Evant Methodist Episcopal Church began with seven charter members: Mr. and Mrs. W.C. Winters, Mr. and Mrs. G.T. Winters, Mr. and Mrs. Edingto…
Born in Falls County. Son of early Texas settlers Albert G. and Elidia Anderson Gholson.      After 1858-1859 service with Texas Rangers, he re-enlisted in company under Capt. J.M. Smith, and in 1860 aided in the rescue of Cynthia Ann Parker…