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Gospel meetings in the late 1880s brought together enough prospective members to organize the First Christian Church of Carthage. Hamilton Pollard deeded a lot to the congregation in 1890, and a building was completed the next year. When the fello…
In 1862, Jimmy Arnold, a 15 year old orphan boy from Carthage, left Texas to fight in the Civil War as a member of Company G, 14th Texas Cavalry. As a line formed for the Battle of Chickamauga on Sept. 20, 1863, Jimmy had a premonition that he …
In the early 1700s, France and Spain began disputing their New World international boundary that included this area; each nation claimed what is now Texas. When the U.S. purchased the Louisiana Territory from France in 1803, the boundary was still…
Original granite block 10' long 9" square marked the United States - Republic of Texas boundary. Dated 1840. Set on April 23, 1841. Only marker of international boundary known to exist within continental U.S.
Historic Civil Engineering Landmark International Boundary Marker Republic of Texas-United States (Set April 23, 1841) Designated by the Texas and Louisiana Sections
Kentucky native Jonathan "Old Shelby" Anderson, a grandson of American Revolution veteran Bailey Anderson, settled in this area when Texas was part of Mexico. He served in the Texas Revolution and fought at the Battle of San Jacinto. In 1848 he do…
Organized with 17 members on September 26, 1901, Central Baptist has been a significant part of Carthage's religious and cultural heritage through the years. Formed under the leadership of the Rev. H. E. Harris, the early congregation included mem…
A native of Panola County, Margie Elizabeth Neal began her career as a teacher in 1893. She became editor and owner of the East Texas Register newspaper in 1904. A respected educator and leader in the woman suffrage movement, she was the first wom…
Formed from Harrison and Shelby Counties Created March 30, 1846 Organized July 13, 1846 Named for an Indian word meaning "cotton" County Seat, Pulaski, 1846 Carthage, since 1848
Born in Galloway, James Travis Reeves played professional baseball for the St. Louis Cardinals' minor league team until an injury forced him to abandon that career. He became a radio disc jockey and formed a country western band. Joining the Grand…