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This ravine cutting into the Mississippi River escarpment, contains the last vestiges of upland hardwoods that stretch down the river from the north. Upland hardwoods covered this area before the Bluebonnet Swamp was formed approximately 225 years…
Bayou Fountain was once connected to the Mississippi River when springtime flooding flowed over the natural levees just below downtown Baton Rouge, entering the swamps to the east of the river.Bayou is a word used frequently to describe waterbodie…
Interconnectedness is an integral part of life for Bluebonnet Swamp, which helps to alleviate floods and serve as a filter for sediment and pollutants from the surrounding areas. Bluebonnet Swamp is a combination cypress-tupelo swamp and magnolia-…
In 1775, Bartram saw near thissite, "a grand forest; thetrees of the first order inmagnitude and beauty"
The area around the swamp was settled over 200 years ago. This 101 acre Louisiana swamp and surrounding highland terrace escarpment is preserved for education and recreation.
Ben Hur Road to Seigan Lane first area settled under Spain by Germans, upon signing of treaty by England and Spain. Where road began. Georg Kleinpeter site, original claimant. Leader in agriculture who grew sugar cane with success, first time on h…