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Wm. Bartram, Colonial Naturalistwrote in "Travels" in 1776 onterrain, flora and fauna ofarea surrounding Baton Rouge
Lest We ForgetThe Yellow Fever Epidemic of 1878Over 1000 Victims Laid to Rest in Historic Magnolia Cemetery
In memory of the officers and men of the Federal Army and Navy from Massachusetts who lost their lives in the Department of the Gulf during the Civil War 1861-1865 Organizations that served in the Department 4th Infantry 26th Infantry…
1880-1900 200 St. Louis St. 1900-1912 900 Convention St. 1912-1927 1100 Florida St. 1927-Present 2825 Government St. Placed on the National Register of Historic Places -1986. Presented by B.R.H.S. Alumni Association Founded 1995
Federal soldiers killed in the Battle of Baton Rouge, August 5, 1862, were buried on this site which became a National Cemetery in 1867. Among soldiers buried here is General Philemon Thomas, remembered for his attack on the Spanish fort at Baton …
Colonel Henry Watkins Allen, later governor of Confederate Louisiana, was severely wounded near here in the Battle Of Baton Rouge, August 5, 1862. He fell while leading his Louisiana brigade against the Indiana battery in position on Government ne…