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Oldest town in Livingston Parish. Incorporated in 1838. Named for abundant ground water springs. Connected to old Natchez Trace. Site of a Spanish fort about 1800. Parish seat from 1835-1872. Old courthouse still stands.
One of the oldest Black Settlements in Livingston Parish; only one known to be shown on a map. Named for Haynes family. Property crossed by Brakenridge and Thomas RRs. Galilee Baptist Church est. in 1884 by Rev. C.C.Clayton.
A Spanish land grant acquired by James Rheims in 1804. Thomas Freeman, fmc, built "Sycamore" 1817-1820. Colonel William Breed, first sheriff of Livingston Parish, purchased estate in 1838. George Richardson acquired the property in 1856, whi…
In memory of Sallie Martinez Martin, for the dedication of this cannon on December 16, 2006, in honor of her great-grandfather, Johann Dreystadt, and the preservation of the history of Springfield, LA. Johann was born December 23, 1831 in Lauterba…
Situated on El Camino Real (King's Highway), now LA Hwy 22, during Spanish reign (1783-1810). Site of stockade or small fort. In 1810 revolt against Spain, residents led by William Cooper remained loyal to Spanish authority. However, rebels led by…