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Belle Grove Cemetery. . Established by the Good Shepherd Family Burial Society of Kenner, around 1860, by a group of African-American men for religious, benevolent and literary purposes. The organization was chartered on December 14, 1898. The p…
Love and Charity Cemetery. . Established by the Love and Charity Benevolent Society in 1837, by a group of African-American men and women, for religious, benevolent and literary purposes. The organization was chartered on June 13, 1903. The pre…
St. Rosalie Cemetery. . Established by the Fratellanza Italiana di Mutua Beneficenza Di Santa Rosalia in 1915. The organization, during a special meeting held on October 17, 1915, authorized the purchase of arpent lots 138 and 139 from Michele C…
A supersonic, twin engine fighter plane, was introduced in 1977 and was designed for reconnaissance and fleet defense of U.S. Navy carriers and equipped with air-to-ground ordinance and air-to-air missiles.
Awarded to combat wounded veterans by the United States government, and founded by General George Washington on August 1, 1782. There is no exclusion by war or branch of service. The common bond is that they have given their own blood for freedom.…
A main weapon used by the U.S. Navy and Marines during the Vietnam War. This lightweight attack plane broke the speed record at the time at 695 mph, and was in continuous production for 25 years, more than any other warplane.
Kenner Community Band was organized in 1944 by Henry "Teddy" Stewart and Rodney Jones. Band was under the direction of Maestro Wilson. In 1960, renowned drummer and singer Joseph Williams organized his band, Big Joe Williams & The Rhythm Play Boys…
First black City Councilman (1979),first black Assistant to the Mayor (1982), educatorreligious leader, civil right activist,a great humanitarian.
In 1682 the French explorer, Robert Cavalier De La Salle, landed in an Indian village later to be known as the city of Kenner. Proclaiming ownership in the name of Louis XIV, King of France, he erected a cypress cross to commemorate the historic e…
The United States had a regular Army of only 200,000 men when it declared war on Germany on April 6, 1917. With a need for a larger army, Congress passed a Selective Service Act that made all able-bodied men between the ages of 21 and 30 subjec…