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"Once in the sun-fierce badlands of the west in that strange country of volcanic ash and cones, . . . we found a sabertooth, most ancient cat, far down in all those cellars of dead time."From The Innocent Assassinsby Loren EiseleyThe tw…
During the Westwardmigration through this pass many diedas they looked for a better life.
MemberMormon Martin Handcart CompanyMary Murray Murdoch"Wee Granny"Born Scotland Oct. 13, 1782Died near Chimney Rock, Neb. Oct. 2, 1856 "Tell John I died with my face toward Zion."Dedicated by the Murdoch FamilyJune 24, 1001< B…
Marked bythe State ofNebraska1912Chimney RockS 56ยบ 56' W. 9041 Ft.
Seal of the National Pony Express Centennial Association Chimney Rock Station on the route of the Pony Express, was located near here between Chimney Rock and the North Platte River. This was an important Pony Express stop between stations at…
Rising 470 feet above the North Platte River Vally, Chimney Rock stands to the south as the most celebrated of all natural formations along the overland routes to California, Oregon, and Utah. Chimney Rock served as an early landmark for fur trade…