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The Undefeated 1957[Photo, Roster, Victories, Trophy] The Undefeated 1958[Photo, Roster, Victories, Trophy] The Undefeated 1959[Photo, Roster, Victories, Trophy] The Undefeated 1960[Photo, Roster, Victories, Trophy] The Undefeated 1961…
Manufacturer: North American Aviation, Inc. from 1956 through 1959Crew: Pilot and Weapons OfficerPrimary Service: Vietnam War Aircraft Classification: Fighter-BomberLength of Fuselage: 47.4 feetWingspan : 38.8 feetHeight: 16.2 feetWeight: 34,83…
A Trading Post on the FraserIn 1824, James McMillan of the Hudson's Bay Company and a party of forty-seven passed this shore on an exploratory trip from Fort George (Astoria) at the mouth of the Columbia River to the Fraser River. They were sent t…
In Memory Of Our Departed Comrades
toCaptain S. D. ElliottLieutenant W. McTaggartand other brave soldiersof the20th Kansaswho fell in theSpanish American War
Mrs. S.A. Stoddard, 1872Frank Thompson, 1990 The Mite Society of theFirst Presbyterian Churchpresented this bell in 1872in memory of Mrs. S.A. Stoddard,wife of the first pastor.This historic church bellwas erected in the courtyardin November 19…
[The original marker has been removed] Dedicated Feb. 17, 1952byBoy Scouts of America Rededication byPresident Gerald R. Fordin memoryGary W. MoffattCoordinatorIndependence PoliceReserve UnitAssistant CoordinatorRoger Powell RededicatedFe…
O. Glenn DewlenBorn Nov. 4, 1896Killed Sept. 26, 1918Argonne ForestCompany "K" 137th Inf.35th Division Harry F. SpohnhauerBorn Oct. 11, 1896Killed Nov. 2, 1918Meuse Argonne OffensiveCompany "H" 353rd Inf.89th Division
During the Civil War, militias from both the Union and Confederate sides were stealing the Osages' cattle, harassing their villages, and blaming the Indians for raids actually committed by Americans. Osage leader Charles Mongrain cautioned everyon…
Played HereShulthis StadiumApril 28, 1930Western Association LeagueIndependence Producers vsMuskogee Chiefs