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Outstanding Hero of theKorean Conflict Born April 20, 1916,Pilsen, Kansas Died May 6, 1951Buried in Communist Prison Camp,North Korea "He was all man and all priest."(Testimony of his fellow prisoners)
Election held Nov. 6. 1934 - Camp moved in Feb. 3. 1936 - Plan approved Aug. 9. 1936 - Gate closed June 17. 1937 - First state fish Mar. 1938 - First county fish Apr. 20. 1938 - Lake level high elv. 133.3 June 24. 1938 - Gate opened Elev 127.3 Nov…
From 1933 to 1942 the Civilian Conservation Corps had more than 3.5 million enrollees, including 38,163 Kansas youth and veterans. The CCC left a legacy of improvements in our natural resources and infrastructure. This statue honors them for their…
Marion County Park & Lake is the result of two FDR New Deal programs that were born during the 1930s depression. The Civilian Conservation Corps and Works Progress Administration's goals were to put men to work and conserve our natural resources. …
In Memory OfCivil War VeteransandW. R. C.
This 500 pound bell was installed when the school was constructed in 1873, and was mounted as a memorial during the Bicentennial Year, 1976, when the bldg. was restored
This property has beenplaced on theNational Registerof Historic Placesby the United StatesDepartment of the Interior In grateful memory ofVan Keith AndersonNov. 4, 1921 - Jan. 11, 1986the engineer who developed and restoredElgin House Apartment…