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PO3 William Farris, West Salem
The first trading post was established here in 1830 by James Gray and Robert Walden. A post office was opened here in 1836. Later, a two-story frame building was erected here by the Empire Milling Company and this corner was known as 'Empire Corne…
Donated toCity of Grayvilleand dedicated toThe Veterans of All Wars September 1969
In the 1830's, James Gray's Stables and Slave Quarters were located here. Later, he donated the barn to the city to use as a city hall and police station. In 1866, the city built a two story building with a jail in the basement. The second story w…
On July 1, 1838, the Vincennes to Shawneetown Stage Coach Line began operations and made regular stops at a log cabin hotel located on this corner. The stage carried passengers and provided mail service for the first time in this area.
This building was erected in 1895 by the Gray Family for their Gray Bank on the bottom floor and the Gray Opera house on the second floor. The Opera House was the center of entertainment for many years.
On this site was the home of Thomasanne Payne, Authoress of the Song 'Sleep Soldier Sleep' which she wrote in honor of James Bethel Gresham from Evansville, Indiana. He was the first American Soldier to die in World War I. The song was accepted as…
Established by James R. GrayFirst Internment - 1831Obelisk Erected - 1901Church Plaza Constructed - 2005Memorial Plaza and Fountain Dedicated - 2007
The first Presbyterian Church in Grayville was organized in 1850 under the leadership of Mrs. Thomasann Gray. In 1868 the members built a small wooden Church on this corner of the cemetery, a gift from a member of the Gray Family. It was replac…