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On May 24, 2012, the South Dakota DOT Transportation Commission officially declared Interstate 90 from the Minnesota border to the Wyoming border as South Dakota's segment of the national Purple Heart Trail. The Purple Heart Trail was established …
Completed 1927 Commemorated 1995
This Corps of Discovery II marker commemorates the bicentennial of the Lewis and Clark expedition. The geographic position of this marker has been established using the satellite-based Global Positioning System. This marker is part of the Na…
When the Corps of Discovery reached present-day Chamberlain on September 16, 1804, they were ready for a break. Since May, one member of the expedition, Sergeant Charles Floyd, had died, possibly of appendicitis. Another, Private George Shannon, h…
Lewis & Clark Memorial Bridge at Chamberlain Dedicated July 7, 1974 by Governor Richard F. Kneip Meriwether Lewis and William Clark with their party camped at several points near this crossing. In September 1804, continuous rain had soaked th…