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This bridge is a type of bridge patented in 1844, by Thomas and Caleb Pratt. The first Pratt truss bridges were wood designs, but when wrought iron and then steel became more available, the design quickly switched to metal. Metal bridges could han…
Midwestern prairie towns relied on trains to bring passengers, consumer goods, construction lumber, mail and coal. A town with a depot enjoyed more business activity and travelers coming and going because trains made regularly scheduled stops to l…
To all who honorably served in the Armed Forces of the United States of America
Correctionville's first brick schoolhouse has been standing here since 1872. Correctionville residents working for a local brickyard dug the clay nearby hand-formed and fired for the schoolhouse. The building was repaired in the 1950s and 1990s…
Correctionville - the city with the longest single name in Iowa - was named for the correction line which forms Fifth Street through the heart of the Business District. Correction lines were used by surveyors in making land divisions. Since the…