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The gift of Laura E. & Carl A. Barrett to the People of New Harmony on the occasion of the observance of the Posey County Bicentennial Celebration Dedicated July 4, 1975 Restored by Historic New Harmony Inc. "Dreaming of another day... in…
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Conducted field studies in the years 1837 through 1860 that established a framework, little altered in the ensuing years, for the regional geology of the Upper Mississippi Drainage Basin. Appointed Geologist for the State of Indiana in 1837, he ex…
The American Institute of Certified Planners has designated New Harmony, Indiana (1814-1827) as a National Planning Landmark George Rapp's New Harmony was surveyed on August 8, 1814. Within ten years, the Harmonists created a center of comm…
has been designated a Registered National Historic Landmark under the provisions of the Historic Sites Act of August 21, 1935 This site possesses exceptional value in commemorating and illustrating the history of the United States
What is utopia? Sir Thomas More in 1516 defined it as a place of perfect political and social systems. Throughout history, people have sought ways to live "in harmony..." So it was that the town of Harmonic, Pennsylvania was established in 1804 …
Dedicated to the Men and Women of the Armed Forces for their Service to TheUnited States of America
Side One William Maclure and other intellectuals came to New Harmony 1826 to join Robert Owen's utopian experiment. Maclure established the Workingmen's Institute 1838 to serve as model of self-education for laborers. Operated in various New Ha…
Location of two attempts at communal living: The Harmonists under Reverend George Rapp, 1814-1825, and the Owenites under philanthropist Robert Owen, 1825-1826. New Harmony remained, an important cultural center for many, years thereafter.