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To our brave men who sacrificed their lives to preserve our nation [Roll of Honored Dead] They Served That Liberty Shall Not Perish
In Memoriam Armand Fana who made the supreme sacrifice Bill Respole Prisoner of Japan's Bataan Death March [Honor Roll of Veterans]
[Roll of Honored Dead] [Battle Roll] Atlanta · Cedar Creek · Stone River Shiloh · Richmond · Wilderness Pea Ridge · Antietam · Hampton Roads Vicksburg · Port Hudson · G…
Honor Roll Faun Blaknee · Ernest Boue · Joseph E. Bricker · James F. Brown · Amedo Cappelletti · Leo J. Carey · Clarence E. Day · John De Paul · Sabitini Domiana · …
Dedicated in grateful tribute to the honor and sacrifice of those Citizens of the Bellaire Area who gave their lives in service to their country Korea June 1950 - July 1953 Thomas G. Ault · James A. Beveridge · Donald L…
The earliest highway signs along the National Road (Route 40) in Ohio were milestones located at one-mile intervals along the north side of the roadway. Each stone indicated the distance to Cumberland, Maryland, the eastern terminus of the Nationa…
Hanna Coal Company's #10 Mine March 16, 1940 An explosion ripped through the Willow Grove Mine resulting in the death of 72 Ohio Valley men
Side 1 Union Square and Its Uses Labeled "Union Square" on the first village maps, block 12 of the City of Bellaire was formed by joining portions of the Harris and Rodefer Farms in 1857. Used for tent shows, circuses, political meetings, and pl…
The Father of Bellaire, Ohio who "could hear more distinctly than other men, the footsteps of coming generations" In November 1854, Colonel Sullivan platted the Harris Farm for a community incorporated in 1860 as Bellaire City, and in 1872 as t…
Side 1 Cornelius D. Battelle, Methodist Circuit Rider Cornelius D. Battelle was born July 13, 1807 in Washington County, Ohio. He entered the Methodist Episcopal Church on October 30, 1825 and the Pittsburgh Methodist Conference in 1833. He was …