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You are standing next to Stockade Redan, one of nine large Confederate forts built to guard routes into Vicksburg. The massive outer wall of the redan, made of packed earth faced with logs, originally rose more than 14 feet high. A seven-foot deep…
Here, Confederates from Missouri fought Union soldiers from Missouri. At Vicksburg—and across every Civil War battlefield—men who had once been friends faced off as enemies. Neighbors and even family members found themselves on…
The earthen slope in front of you marks the southern edge of Great Redoubt, the largest fort and highest point on the defensive line. Today's tour road follows the deep, dry moat that once fronted the wall of the fort and gave the Confeder…
States have been dedicating memorials here to their soldiers since 1903. The federal law that created Vicksburg National Military Park authorized each state that had troops at Vicksburg to build a memorial. Many northern states began at once…
In 1831, Richard Featherston, a teacher, built a single story structure here and opened Vicksburg's first school. Dr. Alex Magruder expanded the house to two stories in 1850 and used the original as a clinic where he treated victims of th…
Captain Fifth Ohio Battery Chief Engineer 17th Army Corps March 29—July 4, 1863 Logan's Approach and the mines at its head under the Confederate Third Louisiana Redan were under his personal direction ______ Given by his family
17th Corps Sixth Division First Light Artillery Battery C Captain Charles Mann
Capt. Levi W. Hart. The battery served four 20-pounder Parrott rifles from about May 27 and one 30-pounder Parrott rifle from about May 30, to about June 10, in this position, when the right section, under Lieut. Francis DeGress, was ordered …
Capt. Samuel E. Barrett; Lieut. Israel P. Rumsey. The battery served four 6-pounder guns 
and two 12-pounder howitzers in this position from the morning of May 22 to the evening of May 26, when it went with the force under command of Gen…
Brig · General U · S · Vols Commanding Third Brigade 2nd Division 15th Corps March 29-July 4 1863
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