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8.8 Miles to KINGSTONFirst Protestant SettlementIn Mississippi Territory 1773.Dedicated 1955 byThe National Society Of The Colonial Dames of America In The State Of Mississippi.
This Cannon Was Taken From The Defenses At SANTIAGO De CUBA1898
E. 8 mi. Settled, 1773 by N. Jersey pioneers led by Richard and Samuel Swayze. Latter formed Congregational church, reputedly the first Protestant church in state.
The Yazoo and Mississippi Valley Railroad built the passenger station on the bluff shortly after 1910, and the Illinois Central Railroad was the last railroad to own it. Like many smal towns across America, Natchez lost passenger service as …
The Deacons for Defense and Justice armed themselves in self-defense as a response to the attempted murder of local NAACP president George Metcalfe, whose car was bombed by the Ku Klux Klan in 1965. The first meeting of the Natchez Deacons was fil…
Louis and Anna Alexander resided in the craftsman style cottage (above) at 17 St. Catherine Street.Until his death in the late 1940s, Louis Alexander worked at the historic mansion Melrose for George and Ethel Kelly. He died during a trip to Calif…
Emerald Mound's size ins impressive. Scholar James Barnett Jr. called it the region's "crowning mound-building achievement" of the Mississippian era (1,150 to 30 years ago). only a complex society mobilized for a massive multi-generational project…
Trade, art, and ideas linked Emerald Mound, both physically and spiritually, with mound sites throughout the eastern half of North America.Mound building, as a practice, was widespread. Over thousands of years, the native peoples who built mounds …
Seamstress Laura Davis made the lavish dress and train worn by Cassell Carpenter when she was Pilgrimage Garden Club Queen in 1966. Carpenter posed in the parlor of her home Dunleith for local photographer Mabel Lane, the city's most popular photo…
The will of William Barland, a wealthy planter and downtown property owner, disclosed an interesting domestic relationship that has long intrigued historians. Proven in 1816, the will legally acknowledged Barland's relationship with "friend and c…
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