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To the memory of Tate County Men who gave their lives to their country in the World War Whitten J. East Clarence Holloway L.W. Kitchens S.C. Liles Joe L. Powers Jasper C. Patrick Walter C. Poag George Pigg Lish C. Rutledge Robert…
Front Country music singer and composer O. B. McClinton, born and raised here in Senatobia, found his first musical success as a songwriter for 1960s Memphis soul labels. When Stax-Volt founded the Enterprise imprint for release of his country …
Front One of the few female performers of country blues, Jessie Mae Hemphill (c. 1923 - 2006) was a multi-instrumentalist who performed in local fife and drum bands before gaining international recognition in the 1980s as a vocalist and guitarist…
Established in 1848 when Bethesda Presbyterian Church was built here under the leadership of Rev. Andrew Harper Caldwell. Given to the town of Senatobia in 1924 by Senatobia Presbyterian Church. Many local citizens, including veterans of every war…
Began as R. R. station near Senatahoba Creek. Chartered 1860. Occupied and partly burned by Union Army in Civil War. Became county seat in 1873.