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FrontNear this spot, on May 22, 1917, a mob tied Ell Persons to a log, doused him with gasoline, and burned him alive. Several thousand people watched in what newspapers described as a holiday atmosphere. Authorities had arrested Persons, a local…
Side One Near this spot on May 22, 1917, a lynching party chained Ell Persons to a log, doused him in gasoline, and burned him alive. An estimated 5,000 spectators witnessed his death or viewed his remains soon afterward. Persons, a black woodc…
This site designated as the Geographical Center of Shelby County.
Lest we forget. Erected by citizens of Bartlett to those who served their country in time of need.
Front On Christmas Eve 1949, parishioner John Maher buried a statue of the Infant Jesus of Prague on this site and hopeful Catholics from the area began fund-raising efforts to build the first Catholic church in Bartlett. Within one year the si…
To the south lay this plantation. Here, in 1827, a Scottish spinster heiress named Francis Wright set up a colony whose aims were the enforcement of cooperative living and other advanced sociological experiments. It failed in 1830.
A toll road of 1829 became Stage Road, Bartlett's main street. In 1856 the town was called Union Depot. Incorporated in 1866 and named Bartlett for Major Gabriel Matson Bartlett. Shelby County Courts were held here from 1870-1885. In 1885 Bartlett…
Nicholas Gotten a native of Spangdahlen, Germany, immigrated to America at the age of 22: worked in the north before coming to Tennessee: established himself as a blacksmith in Union Depot (Bartlett) in 1860: enlisted in the Confederate Army (Co. …