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Side 1Double-pen split log cabin built in 1840's by early settlers who fled disease carrying mosquitoes along Claybank Creek, the first permanent location in this area. This house was the gathering place for many families. The logs tell of many ha…
Side 1At the request of community residents James A. Waters Sr., Jesse C. Thomas and William C. Grantham, the Town of Level Plains, population 133, was granted incorporation by the Honorable S. Kirke Adams, Dale County Judge of Probate, on April 3…
Organized May 26, 1849First Pastor: Ruben E. BrownFirst Deacons: William P. Bryan, Jonas P. Bell Charter Members: William Green, David Kelly, Kader Powell, Elizabeth Kelly, Ardilla Green, Winny Lacy, Bill Fowler, nancy FowlerBellwood, Cool Springs…