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(Front):Home Guard Defended Covered Bridge3 April 1865 - Brig Gen John T. Croxton's Cavalry Brigade departed camp at Johnson's Ferry (Old Lock 17 area) to the Watermelon Road ending in Northport. As the Union troops entered Northport, the Methodis…
Organized 1837, moved to present location, 1849, where churches have been rebuilt in 1855 and 1913. The bell of this church sounded the tocsin at the approach of Gen. John T. Croxton's Union troops in the their raid on Tuscaloosa, April 3, 1865.
James Shirley built this raised cottage in 1838, using Federal and Greek Revival detailing. Constructed of local handmade brick, it was home for him, his wife, Mary Ann Christian Shirley, and his mother, Elizabeth Shirley. James was town surveyor …