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Medal of Honor, Gen, US Air Force, WWII, Korea, Dec. 14, 1896 Sep 27, 1993, DSM & OLC, Silver Star
Deputy Lead, First FlightD-Day and Next 23 MissionsHarold Morrison??P ??Ty Shanley??TGShot Down On Mission 34* Dominic Yocco??RO??# Jim Moos??B# CB Murphy??CP??# Frank Wholley??N# Bill Rausch??E??# Allen Schneider??BTG# Jay Steele??RWG??# Bud Will…
?????389thBomb Group????565th???Squadron ????????In Memory of ?????"P T's Pirates"????????Lt Paul T Wilkerson, Pilot????????Lt Clyde S Sewell, Copilot????Lt Leroy S Campbell, Navigator????Lt Richard Sullivan, Bombardier????T/Sgt George C Gray,…
Presented In His Memory By The Family And Friends Of 2nd Lt Louis Howard??????? Bourgeault?????????"Our Hero"??????????1921-1997427th Sq???????303rd BGShot down by anti-aircraft guns overBerlin Germany - June 21, 1944Along with the crew of the "Ol…
93rd Bomb Group (H)WWII???8AFTed's Traveling Circus Alconbury, England In Memory Of2Lt Howard R. Gilbert, BombardierT/Sgt David C. Miller, EngineerS/Sgt John E. Collins, GunnerS/Sgt Woodrow B. Murphy, GunnerWho lost their lives on 16 October 19…
Lt Col Howard R Hinchman??PCapt Donald R Dahl?????????CPLt Col Clarence W Neumann??NCapt Robert B Williams?????BCol Ralph I Leslie?????????P??*FLt Ralph E Williams???????CP?*FLt James T Ryan???????????N??*FLt Veto A Iavecchia???????B??*MSgt Robert…
North McKenham???492nd Bomb Group???England?????????????????????????Crew 715?????The Ten Little IndiansLt Irvan Gains??P ?????T/Sgt Archie MacIntyre??ROLt Thomas Leggett??CP???S/Sgt Joyce Freeman??GLt Walter Wyatt??N?????S/Sgt Charles Egan??GLt Ch…
2nd Lt Nicholas A Constantinos445 BG??701 Sq?????KIA 5-8-44 RM3 William A ConstantinosUSS Shark II?????KIA 10-24-44
In Memory ofCapt. Alfred L. Goodman1922 - 1995 Pilot Eighth Air Force493rd Bomb Group???861st SquadronDebach, England Shot Down Over MagdenburgOn His 17th Mission12 September 1944 POW???Stalag Luft IUntil May 1945
???401st??????????614thBomb Group???Squadron"Hard 17"R.J. Andrews????BD.H.Campbell????LWGJ. Griset??????????????NJ.A. Gruman???????PW.W. Harwell??????BTK.M. Jacobson??ROL.T. Melton??????????CPR.R. Ruhmann???TGH.H. Shanks????????RWGE.M. Snyder?????…
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