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1799 House of Worship for All Denominations 1810 Wrightsboro Church Constructed 1837 Methodist Episcopal Church South 1939 Methodist Church 1966 Property to McDuffie County Commission 1967 Wrightsboro Foundation, Inc. …
This house stood on the site of the large brick house to your right, from 1885 to 1935, when it was moved to this location. John S. Watson (1833-1895) was the great grandfather of John, James, & Bob Wilson. In 1864, after being wounded fighting Ge…
[East Inscription] In Memory of
[East Inscription]: Woman's Tribute April 26, 1996 [South Inscription]: They sleep the sleep of our noble slain defeated, yet without a stain, proudly and peacefully. [North Inscription]: In memory of our fallen heroes of McDuffie a…
Vietnam War Sgt. John B. Gay 25 OCT 1967 PFC Robert R. White 22 APR 1968 LCLP Willie Mack 10 JUN 1969 Col. Thomas F. Case 31 May 1966 PFC Fred D. Hart 2 JAN 1967 Sgt. Harold J. Crawford 11 JUN 1969 Iraq War SGM Jerry L. Wilson 23 …
In Memory of All Veterans of All Wars Presented by the Ladies Auxiliary Unit 6672 to the Veterans of Foreign Wars of the United States
In Sacred Memory of the Men of McDuffie County Who Made the Supreme Sacrifice World War I [names] World War II [names] Korean War [names]
Willie Samuel McTear (1901-1959) was born between Big and Little Briar Creeks in the Happy Valley community. In 1911, he and his mother moved to Statesboro, where he began his life of traveling and performing. Although blind from infancy, Willie d…
Rear Admiral Richard E. Hawes has long been revered as a distinguished native son of Thomson-McDuffie County, Georgia. Admiral Hawes is remembered for his exceptionally heroic and meritorious service while performing his duty in the United States …
To Honor Thomas Edward Watson1856-1922Author, Editor, Congressman, U.S. Senator And Father of Rural Free Delivery This Marker was placed in 1949 by Camp No. 1401 Woodmen of the World