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Colonel Samuel Watson 1731-1810. Wife-Elizabeth McDowell 1738-1817. Near this spot was the home and commissary of Col. Watson, 1st. Liuet. of Rangers, Captain and Delegate to S.C. Prov. Congress 1776. Colonel of Militia New Aquisition. Elder in Be…
Pioneer NASCAR dirt track. Built 1946; paved in 1958. Hosted sanctioned events, 1949-96. 5/8 mile oval 3 mi. W.
Front This site was the winter quarters of the Barnett Brothers Circus, briefly known as the Wallace Brothers Circus, from 1929 through 1945. Founded by Ray W. Rogers (1889 ~ 1946), the circus was one of the first to travel by truck instead of …
National RegisterSouth CarolinaDepartment of Archivesand HistoryYork Historic DistrictFirst Presbyterian Churchof Historic Places
(Front) York County Veterans Memorial In memory of those who served and those who died in all wars We are one Erected 1986
The National Registerof Historic PlacesYork CountyCourthouse
(Side A)This church, which held services as early as 1760 about 1 mi. E, gave its name to a Scots-Irish community in this area before the Revolution. It was formally organized in 1769 by Rev. William Richardson. In 1771 John Fondren donated land h…
[South side]Birthplace of Daniel Harvey HillLieutenant General in the Confederate States ArmySoldier, Educator, AuthorA worthy son of the land we love. [East side]S.68.44 W. 737 feet from this point was the site of Hill's Iron Works.The origina…
(Front):William Hill, who served in the American Revolution and was present at many battles, built an ironworks near here on Allison Creek about 1776. Hill and his partner, Isaac Hayne, manufactured swivel guns, kitchen utensils, cannon, ammunitio…
Twelve miles northwest the battle of King's Mountain was fought October 7, 1780. The 900 Whigs were under Colonels Campbell, Shelby, Sevier, Hill, Lacey, Williams, Cleveland; Lieutenant Colonels Hawthorn, Hambright; Majors McDowell, Chronicle, Win…