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Letter in both Football and Track Wingback and Defensive Back on the Tiger Football Teams of 1941, '55, '45, and '46 100-Yard and 220-Yard Dashes, Tiger Track Team of 1945 Drafted by the Chicago Bears of the National Football League, 1945…
SeatingPresented toClemson A&M CollegebyClass 1940in Cooperation withWorks Projects Administration—————Class OfficersJ.M. Stallworth, PresidentA.D. Graham, Vice PresidentA.C. Commander, SecretaryE. Mazo, Historian&mda…
This tree is planted as a livingmemorial to the faculty and students wholost their lives in the April 16, 2007tragedy at Virginia Tech.
This garden is dedicated to the men of the Class of 1943, with special remembrance to those who made the ultimate sacrifice while serving in the armed forces.
[West Panel]:This bell was originally hung in the Tillman Hall Clock Tower in 1905, where it faithfully tolled the hours until replaced by the carillon in 1985. During those so eventful years, it joyfully rang out for the graduation of 57,610 stud…
Hostas are herbaceous perennials grown primarily for their foliage. There are more than 1500 species, cultivars and hybrids in the genus Hosta, and new ones are introduced every year. Hosta leaves come in various shades of green, yellow and blu…
This Garden was the brain-child of two of the Botanical Garden's most dedicated volunteers, Chuck and Betty Cruickshank. Their enthusiasm for hostas inspired them to suggest that a hosta display be planted at the South Carolina Botanical Garden. T…
Ransom and Martha Hunt were well-to-do farmers, with over 8,000 acres of land. They lived in this cabin (built by slaves in 1835) with their 12 children near Seneca, South Carolina. 19th century life in the South Carolina Piedmont was character…
Built in Berkley County 1716by Paul De St. JulianRebuilt atClemson College
A gift from Mr. Claude J. "Pappy" Hayden provided funds to construct this building in 1979. It was originally called the Horticultural Service Center but after renovation in 1992, it was renamed in honor of its original donor. Mr. Hayden, a Clemso…