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On May 13, 1861, voters gathered here in Marshall, the Madison County seat, to elect a delegate for the Secession Convention to be held in Raleigh. The citizens were divided in their loyalties. Sheriff Ransom P. Merrill and others were later descr…
Colonel Edward F. Rector, a native of Madison County, NC, proudly served our country in World War II as a member of the Flying Tigers.
Erected and dedicated by theUnited Daughters of the Confederacyand friendsin loving memory ofRobert E. Leeand to mark the route of the Dixie Highway"The shaft memorial and highway straightattest his worth- he cometh to his own"Littlefield
Stock Stand owned by Vance, father of Governor Zebulon B. Vance, stood a few yard to the east. The Stand or Inn was also the home of the Vance family for a few years. In 1853 Zebulon Vance gave land as a site for Marshall as the county seat.
"Completed in 1827 from Saluda Gap to Buncombe County Court House and along the French Broad River by way of Barnard's and Warm Springs to Tennessee line. Served as the major trade route through mountains of western North Carolina until 1882."
Thirteen men and boys, suspected of Unionism, were killed by Confederate soldiers in early 1863. Graves 8 mi. E.
Missionary and teacher, Her Allanstand Cottage Industries promote the revival of Appalachian handicrafts. Lived here.