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Piedmont Wagon Company. . Manufacturer of horse-drawn wooden wagons. At peak capacity produced 1000 per month. Operated from 1880 to 1940s 1/10 mile north. var plainText = document.getElementById('inscription1').innerText; …
To your right stood a frame church built by First Presbyterian Church. The first service was Nov. 2, 1878, and was their house of worship until 1905, when it was purchased by Christ Lutheran Church. The Lutherans worshiped here until 1926. It was …
To the rear of this spot stood a log house known in 1799 as Hickory Tavern. This tract of 640 acres was surveyed by Col. Christopher W. Beekman on June 8, 1779 and was granted to William McMullen Oct. 28, 1783 on the south side of this tavern ran …