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This memorial is dedicated to the memory and honor of those who have served bravely in our Armed Forces in both times of war and in times of peace. May 30, 2005 World War I · World War II · Korean War · Vietnam War &midd…
This statue of a Plank Road Foreman is dedicated to the establishment of the City of High Point and in honor of the men and women who worked in local industries and businesses that made it famous. In the 1840's and 1850's construction was comme…
Approximately 424 feet west southwest liesthe geographic "high point" betweenGoldsboro and Charlotte. Identifiedby the survey crew for the NorthCarolina Railroad about 1849, theelevation became the city namesakeupon the granting of a city chartero…
This marker commemorates themen and women who participated inThe American Revolution.These patriots, believing in the noblecause of liberty, gallantly fought fortheir home and country.1775 - 1783.
Located ? mile east, Camp Fisher was a camp of instruction for North Carolina troops in 1861 - 1862. Camp Fisher was named for Col. Charles Fisher of Salisbury, after his death at the battle of First Manassas.
A section of the Fayette-ville - Salem plank road,a toll road 129 mileslong, built 1849 - 1854,followed this route.
The Gillam & Miller Gun Factory was located here. Owned by Dr. L. M. Gillam and James Miller, the firm manufactured rifles and gun stocks for the state of North Carolina in 1863. The firm also had a contract to sell rifles to the Confederate gover…