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When the Civil War began, few of Guyandotte's residents were slaveholders, buy many townspeople resented any infringement on their right as Virginians to own slaves. Guyandotte was reportedly the only town on the Ohio River that voted in favor of …
After capturing Guyandotte on November 10, 1861, and rounding up civilian Unionists and Federal recruits, Confederate forces under Col. John Clarkson and Col. Albert G. Jenkins began the next day to leave the town with their prisoners. At the same…
During the Civil War, this was the home of Mary Carroll, who narrowly managed to save it from destruction when much of Guyandotte was burned on November 11, 1861. After capturing the town on November 10, 1861, and rounding up civilian Unionists…
Indian name. Founded in 1810. Site chosen as county seat, 1809, and court first met here, October, 1810. Important point in river traffic, connecting with the James River and Kanawha Turnpike. Burned during the War between the States.