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Red House Shoals. Oldest community on the Kanawha River between Charleston and Point Pleasant, being settled circa 1795. In 1819, steamboat "Robert Thompson" failed to navigate the shoals here on a trip to Charleston. This led to an 1820…
The nearby highway is part of routetraversing W.Va. from Lewisburg toPoint Pleasant memorialized by thestate to commemorate the march of the American Colonial army of 1,200men led by Andrew & Charles Lewis.After a month's march this armydefeated a…
This "Poca River Tract" of7,276 acres was acquired byGeorge Washington, and surveyed by Wm. Crawford,1773.It bordered Kanawha River, "12miles and 227 poles". Washington's nephew, Lawrence,resided at Red House Shoals.
Acquired 7.276 Acres of this landby a grant, dated December 1, 1773issued to him byJohn Murray, Earl of Dunmore,last Royal Governor of Virginia.This tract was surveyed in July, 1773,by William Crawford, upon warrants issued to George Washington fo…