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This cannon marks the spotwhere in 1861 a large earthworkof the Inner Line of Defencewas constructed Placed in 1915 by the City of Richmondat the request of theConfederate Memorial Literary Society
[South side]:Numini et Patri ae Asto [West side]:Erected by the Holly-Wood Memorial AssociationA.D. 1869 [North side]:Memoria in Aeterna [East side]:To the Confederate Dead
To commemoratethe deeds and servicesofThe Richmond Howitzersof the period1861-1865[On south side of granite base, on the bronze emblem of the Richmond Howitzers]:Cita Mors Aut Victoria Laeta 1859[On north side of granite base, on bronze emblem of …
Broad Street Station served passengers of the Richmond, Fredericksburg & Potomac Railway and the Atlantic Coast Line Railroad from 6 Jan. 1919 until 15 Nov. 1975. The Neoclassical Revival station was the only commercial building designed by John R…
[Monument's east side]:Commanding Cavalry CorpsArmy Northern VirginiaConfederate States of America***This statue erected by his comradesand the City of RichmondA.D. 1906[Monument's south side]:"Tell Gen. Stuart to act on his own judgement and do w…
Born in Westmoreland County 28" April 1758.Died in the City of New York 4" July 1831.By order of the General Assembly, his remains were removed to this cemetery 5" July 1858 as an evidence of the affection of Virginia for her good and honored son.
The Rev. John Jasper, born a slave in Fluvanna County on 4 July 1812, organized the Sixth Mount Zion Baptist Church congregation in Richmond on 3 Sept. 1867 in a former Confederate stable on Brown's Island. A nationally celebrated preacher, Jasper…
This memorialerected by the Commonwealthof Virginia commemorates theservice and sacrifice of allVirginians duringWorld War II??1941-45and Korea???1950-53? ? Vietnam?????1955-75? ? Persian Gulf?1991? ? ? ? Above this, in text too wide to capture in…
John Miller, a free black cooper and minister, built this house about 1858. It is significant as a rare surviving antebellum house in Richmond constructed by and for a free African American family. More than two thousand free blacks lived in Richm…
December 14, 1878 - November 25, 1949.Dancer · Actor · HumanitarianNative Son of Richmond———Internationally famous actor and dancer rendered many kindnesses to the citizens of Richmond.