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To the memoryofThe Confederatesoldiers ofFluvanna County1861-1865.
Close by, May 18, 1779, "at Roger Thompson's, near the Broken-Back Church," began the "Regular" Methodist Conference composed of some of the most devoted and successful Methodist preachers, a large majority of the whole. Assent was given to the in…
Fluvanna County dedicated its only African American High School on 21 Nov. 1936 and named it the S.C. Abrams High School to honor the Rev. Samuel Christopher Abrams, who served as the county supervisor for the black schools and also as minister in…
J. B. "Texas Jack" Omohundro was born at Pleasure Hill Farm about 1 mile west of here on July 26, 1846. At age 17 he served as a scout under the command of General J.E.B. Stuart. Later he was renowned as a scout and heroic plainsman of the old wes…
The Fluvanna County Courthouse is one of the few in the state to retain its original configuration. Fluvanna County was formed from part of Albemarle County in 1777 with the county seat located on the southeast side of the Rivanna River. In 1828 P…