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Awarded Lehigh Portland Cement Company Union Bridge, Md. Plant for a perfect safety record in 1932 Reawarded for a perfect safety record in 1933 · 193x · 193x · 1939 · 1940 · 1941 · 194…
Donated by Isaac A. and Betty Myers Sayler through Plymouth Masonic Lodge erected by Union Bridge Business Association June 20, 2009 ————————— Blue Ridge College [image] Union Bridge Ce…
On this location in the Year of 1811, Jacob R. Thomas designed and assembled the first reaping machine in the world. The machine was given a trial operation in a field of wheat owned by Sarah Clemson at the north end of Union Bridge.
Elmer A. Wolfe High School was built just east of this site in 1931. The building was demolished in 1996 and replaced by the present Elmer A. Wolfe Elementary School.
Gettysburg CampaignOn June 29, 1863, the Army of the Potomac's II Corps, commanded by Gen. Winfield S. Hancock, broke camp south of Frederick near the Monocacy River, marched into Frederick, and turned eastward on the road to Liberty (Libertytown)…
The first reaping machine in the world was invented by Jacob R. Thomas and tried near this spot in 1811. Obed Hussey perfected and patented the invention in 1839 one year prior to the McCormick reaper.
World War 1917-1918. (list of names)
Gettysburg CampaignUnion Gen. John E. Reynolds was killed at Gettysburg on July 1, 1863 while directing his command along the Chambersburg Turnpike in the early fighting. His body was carried to a house in town. Orderlies searched for a coffin but…
1825-1874. Sculptor. He began his studies in Baltimore and in 1858 established a studio in Rome. Among his more important works are the monument to Chief Justice Taney in Annapolis and the completion of the bronze doors to the Capitol in Washingto…
About 1735 William Farquhar and Ann his wife held a Friends (Quaker) meeting at his house. In 1771 he deeded two acres of land on which the Meeting House and burying ground are located. Ex-President Hoover's ancestors were members of this meeting.