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For nearly a century, many of Frederick's African American residents were laid to rest here in the Laboring Sons Cemetery. As the name implies, they repaired the shoes, painted the houses, cleaned the stables, nursed the sick, and performed countl…
Originally located the edge of the city, this plot of land witnessed many changes as the neighborhood expanded around it. What is today a memorial was once a cemetery. The graves of scores of African Americans still lie beneath the surface. By…
Private in the MD Militia under Col. Henry Carberry in 1813, and in the 1st Regt. MD Militia under Capt. John Brengle from Aug. 25 to Sep. 19, 1814. He fought at the Battle of North Point.
2nd Sergeant in the 1st Regt. MD Militia under Capt. John Brengle from Aug. 25 to Sep. 10, 1814, and fought at the Battle of North Point.
Named in honor of Lorenzo E. Mullinix Alderman 1919-1928 Pres. of Board 1922-28 He efficiently and faithfully served the city he loved so much and was the first to propose this site as a city park -1929-
Frederick's favorite son is celebrated throughout the US before every kickoff, face-off and first pitch. The author of the "Star Spangled Banner," Francis Scott Key was born in Frederick County and launched his law career here in 1801. H…
Founded by Mr. John W. Burner Supervisor of All Black Schools in Frederick County Principal Mr. Maurice Reid Sponsor Frederick Chapter NAACP
"Saints Street was to Blacks 'What's Happening now.'" — Adelaide Hall, 1995 For many decades preceding the civil rights movement, Saints Street was the commercial and social center within a segregated Frederick, boasting a bustl…
In this Property at 30 West All Saints Street Ulysses Grant Bourne (March 17, 1873 - July 15, 1958) practiced medicine from 1903 to 1953. Founder & first President of the Maryland Negro Medical Society; co-founder Frederick Chapter NAACP; …
In this property At 173 West All Saints Street Dr. Ulysses G. Bourne and Dr. Charles Brooks Operated a 15-Bed Hospital for African Americans from 1919 to 1928 This Plaque Erected By The Kiwanis Club of Frederick June 6, 1998
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