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Broad Creek was an obvious landing point for the 2,000-3,000 British troops coming ashore on Kent Island August 5, 1813. This had been a ferry landing since the 1600s. Stores of grain and pens of cattle, hogs, and sheep awaited transport to the We…
Broad Creek was established as the site of Christ Church sometime between 1651 and 1684. At that time, Broad Creek was the center of colonial activity on the Island. From 1712 to 1826, three additions or entirely new church structures were built o…
William Claiborne of Virginia established a trading post, settlement and fort at the southern end of this island in 1631. Lord Baltimore's rights were resisted, which led to serious controversy until taken by armed forces in 1637.
First Christian congregation in Maryland organized 1632 by the Reverend Richard James at Kent Fort, south end of island. Church moved here ca. 1650. Rebuilt 1712 and 1826. This oldest continuous congregation in Maryland moved to Stevensville in 1880.