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John LaFarge, S.J. (1880-1963) served St. Mary's County (1911-26). Priest, Educator, Editor, Author, Historian, Advocated for Justice and Human Rights. Founded the Catholic Interracial Council, the Cardinal Gibbons Institute and the Society of Pil…
This Property St. Ignatius Church Has been placed on the the National Register of Historic Places By the United States Department of Interior
Potomac Flotilla Created to Protect Chesapeake Tidelands Maryland, especially Southern Maryland, was not "neutral" in the Civil War. The U.S. Navy realized early in the conflict that the Potomac River was both a conduit for attacks to the north…
In Memory of Those Who Perished in the Explosion of the U.S.S. Tulip, November 11, 1864 A Sacrifice of Lives In Discharge of Duty and in the Interest of Achieving Peace and Scientific Advance. Erected June 15, 1940 ~ Under an Act of Congress…
Immediately after commissioning the Tulip experienced boiler problems. In August 1863, her boilers were building pressure to hazardous conditions and in mid-October, she was ordered to the Washington Navy Yard for boiler repairs.Steam drums were a…
On November 11, 1864, U.S.S. Tulipconverted lighthouse tender gunboat,acting master William H. Smith, U.S. Navycommanding, departed this area forWashington for boiler repair. Whenoff Piney Point, she blew up and sank,presumably due to the defectiv…
2000 acres granted Sept. 8th, 1639 to Thomas Cornwaleys who came to Maryland with "The Ark and The Dove." He and Jerome Hawley were appointed "His Lordship's Commissioners for the government of said Province" 1633 with Leonard Calvert as Governor.