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John Hanson 1715 - 1785 President of the United States In Congress Assembled 1781 - 1782 was born at Mulberry Grove April 14, 1715 Erected by the VASA Order of America.
The Manor Land was acquired in 1649, under Lord Baltimore's "Conditions of Plantation." The Chapel was built probably in 1662, the manor house in 1741. Bishop Carroll laid the cornerstone of the present church in 1798. Here occurred in 1805 the vi…
Upon arrival of French forces in Newport, Rhode Island in July 1780, Baron Ludwig von Closen, a captain in the Royal Deux-Ponts Regiment, was selected by General Rochambeau as one of his aides-de-camp. Closen accompanied Rochambeau on most of his …
Site of county recreational facilities from the early 1900s to 1962, at the confluence of the Potomac and Port Tobacco Rivers. Originally a resort for St. Thomas Manor, steamboats brought passengers from Washington DC for the day. Opened to the ge…
Dating from 1662 the oldest continuously active parish in the United States. Founded 1641 by Father Andrew White, S.J., who named Chapel Point. Present church built 1798. St. Thomas Manor has been a Jesuit residence since its erection in 1741.
Home of Miss Olivia Floyd, Confederate agent, and her brother Robert Semmes Floyd, C.S.A. killed in action. Both are buried in St. Ignatius Church Yard two miles south.
Circa 1770Original site of St. Columba Masonic LodgeAF & AM
The Indian village of Potobac, visited in 1608 by Capt. John Smith, occupied this site. County Seat of Charles County, 1658 - 1895. Washington visited here frequently. Site of St. Columba Lodge No. 11 A. F.& A. M., chartered April 18, 1793. Ere…
President of the United States in Congress Assembled 1781-1782. Died, Oxon Hill, Maryland, November 22, 1783.
Birthplace of John Hanson April 14, 1715 President of the United States in Congress Assembled 1781-1782 Died Oxon Hill, Maryland November 22, 1783.