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John Penn, the grandson of Pennsylvania founder William Penn, was 23 when he arrived in Philadelphia in late 1783 to manage the family property. He purchased 15 acres on the high west bank of the Schuykill River - well outside the city - because o…
A prolific landscape artist of over 1000 paintings, Herzog is associated with the 19th century Hudson River School American art movement, which captured unspoiled landscapes across the US. A notable artist in his native Germany, patrons included r…
The nation's first children's hospital, 1855. A pioneer in pediatric care, preventive medicine, and research, the hospital developed lifesaving vaccines, invented newborn surgical techniques, and advanced care for children with cancer.
Founded in 1729, PGH was the nation's longest operating public health care institution. Originally an almshouse, the hospital moved to this location in 1871. PGH implemented innovative medical care and education under Dr. William Osler, and the wo…
Founded 1895 on this site. Officially named The Penn Relay Carnival and hosted annually by the University of Pennsylvania. It gained recognition as the world's first and largest track and field relay meet and the nation's longest uninterrupted col…
ENIAC, the Electronic Numerical Integrator and Computer, was invented by J. Presper Eckert and John W. Mauchly. It was built here at the University of Pennsylvania in 1946. The invention of this first all-purpose digital computer signaled the birt…
Polish-American engineer and inventor. In the 1960s Drexel graduate Golaski perfected the Dense Knit Dacron Vascular Prosthesis, the first practical artificial blood vessel replacement, a life-saving medical advance. He began his career designing …
On August 3, 1965, Dr. Martin Luther King addressed a crowd of 10,000 at this intersection. His "Freedom Now" tour to Philadelphia, Chicago, Cleveland, and Boston was in gratitude for support given to his Southern Christian Leadership Co…
A Black portraitist who lived here, Waring studied art in this city and in France. She headed the Art Department, Cheyney State College, and her works are part of the National Portrait Gallery and other major collections.
An abolitionist, Smith bought his freedom and was one of America's wealthiest Blacks with his coal, lumber, and real estate ventures. He was the major benefactor of the Stephen Smith Home for the Aged, located here.